I'm a web developer. I build web sites.

I've spent the last few years working for large companies as a web developer and software engineer and now I want work for you. I can help you and your business harness the power of the internet, from websites visited by customers to internal applications used only by employees. Whether you're starting from scratch or updating an existing site, whether you need a simple one page portal or a complex application, I can help.

I offer a wide range of services.

Web Programming I write applications from scratch, create programs that interface with other applications, update existing applications, move applications to new servers, setup servers to run an application, install third party applications, help you find aspects of your business that can be helped by an application... Front end, back end, I do it all. I can speak with you at your level of technical understanding and have the patience to explain whatever you need.

Web Design I create simple layouts that users will find easy to navigate. I can also turn an image created by someone else into a functioning web page, edit templates, add content to an existing page, and make other changes. I can take an existing site and add responsive design elements to allow that same site to be optimized for everything from desktop to smart phone screens.

And more! I also provide educational services such as how to use Wordpress, buy a domain, or understand site usage statistics. I can help you decide what to put on your website and write content. If you're changing hosts and need to move a site to the new server, I can get it done. I offer service contracts for periodic content updates and other site maintenance.

Whatever your website needs, contact me for a free consultation and estimate.

What you get when you hire me:

Don't know what a server is? Get lost when people throw around terms like HTML? That's ok. Not everyone speaks geek and I can explain in terms you can understand. If you want to learn, I can teach you.
Personal Service
I'm a one woman shop which means if you call looking for an update, you'll talk to the person working on the project. If you want to make a change or update later, I'm already familiar with your project.
I keep to my deadlines. I keep clear lines of communication open regarding the status of your project. I show up on time and prepared for meetings. I'm not just a geek who likes writing code, I'm a businesswoman too.