While working for large companies as a software engineer and web developer I worked on customer account portals, web-based business management software, shopping carts, payment processing, and more. Big or small, I have the knowledge and experience to add functionality to your website.

What can I do for you?

Web applications provide many tools to help your business. Examples include catalogs and shopping carts that allow your customers to make purchases online, or a blog to keep in contact with the public. A web application doesn't have to be public, it can be a tool used to manage your workforce, scheduling or inventory.

I write original programs that meet your specifications when a solution doesn't already exist, or if you don't like the existing options. There are endless possibilities for what that program could do. I've written SOAP clients that interface with third party web sites. I'm in the process of creating a full application for consignment shops to manage their inventory and provide their sellers with instant access to sales data.

I also update existing applications to fix bugs or add new functionality. Have a program that doesn't work quite right? Contact me. Did a server upgrade make your site crash? I can fix it.